Meet The Artist
Deborah Bowen
"You can’t make a living as an artist.”  Words that I had heard throughout my childhood.  So when I decided to
attend The Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC, my parents insisted that I major in marketing, and minor in
design. I realized that neither retail marketing, or the fashion industry were a fit for me.  

I decided a misspent youth of traveling and adventure was a much more attractive option.  However, my mother,
(a very wise woman) insisted I learn, the “art” of business management and bookkeeping before I went my merry

In 1975 I landed in Cocoa Beach FL, and began my journey into the “arts as a career.”
Apprenticing as a silversmith, I made “Indian Jewelry”, that eventually would end up for sale in the then, brand new
Disney World .  After moving back to New York State, I started my own custom jewelry business, in Pine Bush, NY.  

A small ad in “The PennySaver” led me to Sinrod Stained Glass, where I took a job as an apprentice lampmaker.  
After a week as an apprentice, I took on the task of studio manager.  With a talented staff of 15 artisans, we
created some of the most exquisite and high quality stained glass lampshades available.  All were hand made,
signed and numbered, and sold throughout the US in upscale lighting stores.  

Then the world, as it always does, started to change.  The “lamp business” was being taken over by the “Pacific
Rim” countries, and the Chinese.  Inexpensive, low qualities, products, were saturating the market.  It was time for
us to change our focus.  Shortly thereafter our beloved founder and friend, passed away.  

With the able assistance of our two salesmen, and one of our best artist, I started MBC Glass Studio Inc.  Working
out of my home in Cragsmoor, we embarked on a new plan of creating only one of a kind custom piece, for the
architect and design world. In 1987 we moved the studio into an old airplane hangar at the Sha-wan-ga Valley
Airport in Bloomingburg, NY., and have been there ever since.

Since 1984, I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with the top designers and architects, on projects
around the world.  As well as collaborating with some fantastic artists along the way.  In between the big
commercial work, I have always created pieces, just for the satisfaction of my own soul.  Which leads me to open
“4 Artful Lives” Gallery.  It contains an eclectic collection of work, and introduces some other artists whose work I
admire greatly.  I have returned to designing and making jewelry, and that has brought me great satisfaction.  I
hope you will join us at the gallery.

So, with no fancy degrees, no upscale education, just the school of doing.  The desire to create and the
relentless pursuit of what brings me joy.  Creating what has been planted in my heart and soul, by the powers that
be.  Hoping that they bring a smile, and a spark of the joy to someone else, similar to the joy I have had in their

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